Your coaching has made a difference to the development of the Sagana Brand + biz model. This was one of the best coaching sessions ever. Your coaching helped me to get clarity on what I want to do and what not to do. It helped me a lot in how I must communicate with other people, especially my husband. Finally I love my husband even more." 

Ann Ahlqvist

„ Dr. Connie is such a great example of a feminine rolemodel in leadership. Her gifts are her true ability to connect with people to the highest standard and her life's experience and knowledge is outstanding. Whatever your needs/desires are, she will unlock your full potential with grace, elegance and respect. I encourage you to contact her NOW! Fasten your seatbelt + enjoy the journey."

Susie Mitchell, Business Strategist, Author of "Satnav for the Soul" -

Hrvoje was great fun to be with. He brought great wisdom to our NLP Trainer Training. The feedback I got from the student was amazing, they loved him. The engagement was great, nice exercises and plenty of passion. I myself was suprised, a good surprise. Next year we want to have him again, but this time for longer. Great speech in English!

Douglas De Souza, Head of Marketing & Promotion, Certified Trainer of NLP,

Hrvoje delivered a thought provoking and motivational speech for us in English at one of our recent events. It was great to see how engaged the audience were with his message and how poetically he landed his points. I took lots of personal learnings from his session and I know the delegates will grow as a result of spending time with him. His talk was truly inspirational and I would recommend him as a speaker at your next event.

Dominic Colenso, MD, In Flow Training,

"With her laid back style Dr. Connie creates a fun and positive atmosphere, she makes concepts and principles easy to understand using entertaining stories, illustrations and exercises / processes. Something has happened. After the weekend-seminar with Connie I have had a much higher energy level accompanied by a strong urge for, and the will to focus on the things that lead me towards my dreams. I'm with the most wonderful girl in the world (luckily she also attended!), we've used many of the things we learned from Connie to communicate smoother and create magic together. Everyone deserves the "lift" I've experienced after the seminar with Connie, recommended!"

Markus Gangeskar

We had the pleasure of having Hrvoje Pavlačić deliver a presentation on NLP, self-leadership, motivation and personal excellence during our NLP Trainers Training course in September 2016 in Marbella, Spain. Hrvoje's speech was in English and had a huge impact on the audience. Hrvoje mixed great teachings, tools and tips with practical exercises, which left the attendees processing the learnings long his speech had finished. Powerful, insightful and essential tools for personal excellence. Thank you for your wisdom and connection Hrvoje.

Steve Payne, Director of Training, Certified Master Trainer of NLP,

Every time when I meet with Hrvoje, in some way my life has improved significantly and becomes better.

Sazanda Istvan, London, UK

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